Thursday, February 12, 2015

My bespectacled darling :)

 The MLC quartet.  Zone leaders and Sister missionary trainers.  :)

Elder Bambo (pronounced  Bomb-bow (like a bow and arrow) goes home this coming monday. :)

Man, what a wonderful week. I love the weeks when you have felt the spirit and know for sure that Heavenly Father is aware of you. It seems like you had one of those this week. 
This week has been one of the best in a long time. We have seen a lot of miracles and had some weird experiences. We had zone conference this week and I learned a lot from that. The theme was standing for truth and righteousness. We were trained on how to get through the hard things in the mission, and why trials are so important in our lives, about how to make finding people to teach personal, the importance of using preach my gospel, and the doctrine of discipline. The thing that I pulled away from everything we talked about is that I can do hard things, I was able to reflect on things that happened before my mission and even during it and it was neat and humbling to see how the Lord helped me through all of it and how He never has and never will leave me alone.
Now, for the miracles I have seen this week. Yesterday we taught Carlos, you have probably heard me talk about him before, he is the son of a less active woman and has had a rough life. We caught him at home at 8:40 last night and we watched the because of him video. I feel like Carlos of one of the people on my mission that I am here for because I can connect with him. I was able to testify to him that because of the Savior we don't have to be defined by our mistakes and that we can repent and have new life in Christ. At the end he asked us if he could practice praying while we were there and he said the most simple and beautiful prayer. We are excited to see him repent and progress. Another miracle and kinda freaky experience. We went to teach Ginger, a 25 year old girl who has also lived a really hard life and has a variety of mental illnesses. When she opened the door it smelled like weed to the enth degree but we felt like we needed to be there so we walked in and sat down on her floor. (we always sit on the floor) The room was dark and I couldn't really see Ginger's face. The lesson started out rocky and we weren't sure what to say or how to address the situation we were in. We ended up just testifying of Christ and as we did so it literally felt like Satan was standing in the room with us trying to shut us up. I said a prayer at the end and I remember saying specifically "By virtue of our callings as missionaries and representatives of Jesus Christ we ask that Satan will not be able to penetrate the walls of this home and the hearts of the people in it." as soon as those words came out of my mouth I felt light in my mind and heart, I am still unsure if it effected Ginger like it effected me but nonetheless, I felt Satan leave. Miracle, this week we taught two people who have accepted to be baptized on February 28th. One is Jeff Hall, who has been bringing his 2 daughters to church for the past 2 years. Most people don't even realize he isn't a member already. The other is Mary, a woman from Sudan that has had a very hard life but loves God and has more faith in him than most Christians do. She is a wonderful lady. We also have the privilege of teaching a priest in the ward who is 17 and is preparing for his mission. We teach him from preach my gospel and help him to make the lessons personal. I put this in the miracle section because I feel like God has given me this opportunity to feel close to Kenyon in a different way. I hope the elders back home are helping him to prepare for his mission by giving him opportunities to learn what they learn and do what they do. I am happy to help Siale in this way. Also, Poppy sent me a letter this week, in response to one I wrote him, and it was very powerful. He bore testimony of the gospel and how much it has blessed his life. I will cherish it forever. I also had a realization in sacrament meeting yesterday, one of the speakers was talking about faith and I was reflecting on how I have grown in faith this transfer and I was thinking about a part in the bible dictionary under faith that I LOVE. It says that one of the fruits of faith is having and assurance of personal salvation in the life to come. For so long I have wondered what that even meant and how on earth I could possibly even figure it out. The next speaker talked about patriarchal blessings and something he said reminded me of a part of my blessing that was an answer to my question on faith. At the end it says "I seal you up so that in the resurrection of the just you may rise and meet your heavenly father and be with him and your family and friends in the celestial kingdom." THAT is an assurance of personal salvation and others according to being faithful. It was a neat experience to have and to understand just how many ways God answers our questions.
Some funny things have happened too, last night sister packer and I were SO tired! Sister Packer looked like she was constantly 5 seconds away from hitting a brick wall and never getting back up. After we were done with our nighly routines she was writing in her journal... kinda... she asked me to do it for her and I said, "Girl, you're nuts, go to bed." and she was laughing and just kept asking me so finally I walked over to her bed, starting putting things on the floor, took her journal and put it away and said "Dude, go to bed!" and started pushing her head in her pillow and pulling the sheets down. The most hysterical "tucking someone in" experience. We were both CRACKING up and I am realizing that this story is only funny if you are suuuuuper tired, or you're a missionary, or you were there... sorry! :P At least there weren't any dog experiences.... oh wait yeah there was one. Last night when we were going to see Carlos there was a dog barking in the fence right next door and to get to Carlos's door you have to walk to the back of the house and go through the garage. So we walk back and its really dark so we open the back fence and as we walk toward the door sister packer hears the dog bark and rushes me through the door clawing at my back because she is so scared... oh boy. Then she realized that the dog was in the fence next door. SHE MAKES ME LAUGH ALL THE TIME. I will be sad to not be her comp next transfer. We are pretty sure we are getting split up... we have too much fun.... JK... not really but its righteous fun!
Anyways, have a great week pops! I love ya sooooo soooo much!

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