Monday, May 4, 2015

Working smarter, and harder!

Pappa Bear, 


WOW! What an eventful week y'all had. DEFINITELY looks like a Hoopes Family hang out party. #SOawesome That calendar is quite crazy... I hope by the time August comes around y'all will still be breathing lol Thanks for that by the way, sometimes I just need to be told in a loving way to suck it up and get to work. I love ya, Dad! I cant wait to talk to y'all on Sunday! I hope its the best since it'll be the last. Thank you for your thoughts about enduring to the end. I have been thinking about that a lot. Last night President and Sister Mendenhall got all of us STLs together and we talked about various things but in his closing remarks he said that the way a missionary faces the last months of their mission will be the way they face life after the mission. I have been pondering that a lot, about what sign I want to give Heavenly Father by my last couple months of service and how I want to go out. Its hard to endure well but I am trying. 


This week was good. We had zone conference and man, it was so great. The topic was COURAGE. Something Elder Law said really hit home for me. He said, "We talk about our fear, but why not face your courage? Embrace spiritual friction." This wasnt the first time he's talked about spiritual friction, he did a lot when Sister Packer and I worked with him in DenverSouth but this was the first time it clicked and I actually got it. When we experience spiritual friction its uncomfortable, we oftentimes mistake it for a bad experience but as we embrace it we find that in reality its just our spirit giving our physical being an opportunity to chose the right. I am thankful the spirit taught me that. Then, at the conference President said something that struck me. He was talking about why he does what he does and why he tells us no and why the rules are important etc. He said, "I want the best for you because I know what comes next." I thought that was really profound in a lot of ways. I thought about why Heavenly Father tells us no or guides us in a way we dont want to be guided sometimes and its for the same reason, He knows what comes next. 


Now I want to tell you about a miracle we had this week. So, this whole transfer has been really interesting, we have pretty much had to build our teaching pool from the ground up. Its been really slow and really hard especially with taking out time to help the sisters. SO, for the past couple weeks we have been praying to find a family to no avail as of yet. SO this week we tried so hard to find a family, we were looking everywhere, part member families, potential investigators, referrals, anything. So we get to Saturday, and the night before we had planned a solid day, we had planned to contact almost every former investigator in our area book. We had 4 people to see every 30 minutes. We were practically running all day long from door to door and trying to talk to as many people as we saw. At the end of the day, after expending our own best efforts we hadnt found one new investigator. Our heads were hanging really low and so were our hearts. In my mind I was asking God why He hadnt lead us to ONE person who was ready. We both went to bed exhausted and dejected. Sunday morning came and I was feeling a little better, I was over what had happened the day before and as we were walking to church the sun was shining and I felt that Heavenly Father was aware of us and what we were going through. The sacrament was so uplifting and I could feel the burdens and sin gone. We were able to have good conversations with members and they expressed their love for us which we really needed. After church we went out on our mad search once again. We found some referrals for the spanish missionaries, its always funny when you are trying to talk to someone who speaks only spanish and you speak only english... Anyways, so then we stopped by a former we hadnt had time to see the day before. We walked up to her house and her front door was open. #BOOOOYAH So then we walked up and saw her, she said, "Oh hi, I forgot y'all were coming, I was just about to leave but you can come in for a few minutes." #DoubleBOOOYAH So we went in and got to know her. READY FOR A CRAZY STORY! SO....... Remember Westminster? Okay, so when I was there we did service at a place called ARC, its a thrift store. Every time we were there I would always end up talking to this woman named Verna, oftentimes she would tell me about crazy things that were happening in her life and of course I always wanted to share something with her about the gospel but at service we are not allowed to proselyte so I never got the chance unless she initiated the conversation which wasnt often. When I came here I saw a woman at the library one P-day and couldnt remember where I remembered her from. When we went to go contact that former, it was the woman from ARC and the same woman from the library. VERNA. So as we were in her home yesterday we got to teach her more about what she had previously learned from the missionaries, specifically about the Book of Mormon. She committed to listen to it on CDs that we are dropping by her home today and we are teaching her again on Sunday. 


It was a tender tender tender mercy from the Lord and I know that he really does see what comes next, even when we think its dark and that we are alone. We never are. 


I love ya, Dad. Thank you for all you have done over the last 15 months to make this experience easier, more spiritual and a true growing process. 


<3 Sister Hoopes

Monday, February 23, 2015

Brighton Missionaries.  Not sure what the elder up front is doing, but maybe he's praying to be posted on Kenzie's blog.  Well, your prayers have been answered Brotha!  Lol.  

New, ah-hem, I mean "OLD" stomping grounds lol.


I am so glad you all had a good week! :D The pictures were great and the content of your letter was just as good if not better. I am so excited you all got to go to the Philly temple grounds! HOW NEAT! And by the way, your hastags are quite phenomenal! I hope, like you said, I am building a strong foundation out here, just like the Helaman taught his sons to do! The building process can be really rough sometimes but it wasnt ever meant to be pretty! I learned a little bit about that when I was reading D&C 101 today in my studies. There was a verse that said, in essence, without trials and afflictions we cannot be sanctified or made holy. So trials really are training ground for become like our Savior and more fit for the kingdom of heaven. I hope I let my trials make me holy. 

This week was pretty cool! It has been weird adjusting from the busy, running around, what time is it again? lifestyle in Aurora to a countryside, farmers paradise, old folks stomping ground lifestyle in Brighton. I'm not hating, I'm just explaining the transition taking place hahaha the old folks here are quite kind though! We live with Sister Roquemore, probably the COOLEST older lady ever! She has a laugh that makes you smile wherever in the house you are! We have great leaders that we work with, mission and ward alike. Our Bishop is Bishop Shaw and he really wants to get to ward more involved in missionary work, he is a great bishop. We have carried on the Aurora tradition of zone blitz on Saturdays and its working out really well! Since we work with 2 zones its interesting to see the differences and the challenges. Sister Pitts called us this week and asked us to come in to her seminary class on Wednesday morning and to be on a panel of missionaries to answer questions from her students. we are really excited to do it and afterwards she is feeding us breakfast! #BEASTLAKEBLESSINGS.

 We had an interesting experience though at the blitz, so we pull up and we see a set of elders walking away form this house and this lady standing outside pointing at them. We get out and she is spitting out profanity on top of profanity. Apparently they had talked to her son at the door and she had pulled up as soon as they were leaving and they offered to help her take in her groceries and she freaked out and said she was going to call the cops for talking to her kid and allegedly threatening him... SO they said whatever and walked away but the lady wouldn't quit so the zone leaders ended up having to stay there to calm her down while the rest of us went on about our business. The ZL's said later that they calmed her down, the cops came and everything worked out but I learned just how unhappy people are without Christ in their lives. Little did that woman know how many blessings she turned down by turning the missionaries down. It makes me sad that people chose to "dwindle in unbelief" but I am thankful I have the gospel in my life. We had almost all of our investigators drop us this week but we have been working hard to find the elect. On Friday we had a funny experience. it was about 8:45 and we saw Christmas lights up in this one house so we thought it would be fun to check it out. We knocked and this older man with a weird little beard thing, a black bandanna and some really gaudy rings opened the door. He said "Oh you came! Beautiful women! Just gorgeous! Please come in, party with us, (he was alone...). I will join your church, come in, party with us." He was SO drunk... There was a huge bottle of tequila on his kitchen table and it smelled like weed as well... Yeah, that was fun but it lifted our spirits and gave us a good laugh! 

We have a great week planned and are excited to exercise our faith and to seek God's will for this area and his people here. Please pray for us to find people to teach. also, the church has released another video for easter! check it out! its Elder Nelson has invited us all to discover his sacrifice, embrace his teachings, and share his joy. I am excited to take this challenge. I know my Savior lives, I love him and I seek to feel his love every day. I hope you know I love you and I am doing my best to work as hard as I can so that you and mom and kenyon hailey shelby and calvin can be blessed while I'm here. Thank you for your example to me and the ways you show me your love. XOXO HUGS, KISSES, BEST WISHES. 


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

East Lake, Look who's back?????

Hoopes & Packer....thanks for the memories!
This Elder and Kenz both have cows back home so they were doing their best cow faces....apparently this elder needs a lesson in creative cow faces......pretty sure Kenz has hers nailed :)

Dont know who this elderly gentleman is, but I included this pic because he looked so.............grandfatherly.  lol

Poppa Bear, 

SO... ready for the news about transfers? I have been transferred to Brighton to be companions with Sister Swarbrick as STL's still. We cover the Brighton and Denver North Zones.... ya know what that means? I am covering EastLake again! Ya know how stoked I am?!?!? SUUUUUPER! :D I miss Sister Packer like a crazy person but I know this transfer will bring many miracles. I will be killing Sister Swarbrick so I am a tad nervous about that just from my last experience killing a missionary. But it will be different this time, I am counting on it. Hahaha! We work with Elder Ard (who is from Idaho and knows Tanner Gannaway) and Elder Hodson (ZL's in Brighton, we share a ward with them) and Elder Haulka and Elder Hawton (Denver North ZL's) all of them are wonderful and all have something different to offer the zone. We also have stellar district leaders here to work with. I know almost all of the sisters we serve and I am excited to get to know them and serve them more. I have already felt the joy that comes from a fresh start and being able to change what you want to in a new environment. A lot of changes have occurred in the mission. By next transfer the mission will be down to 160 missionaries compared to the 250 we had last year. ITS INSANE. Elder Law, one of my favorite people ever, is the new AP. I am anticipating being in this area for a while, at least the next two transfers and I am excited. 

Its hard to remember everything that happened last week just because when transfers happen it feels like it takes about a months worth of memory space but from what I do remember we had some cool and fun things happen. 
Jeff Hall is still progressing wonderfully. I hope to be able to attend his baptism on February 28th even though I have been transferred. Mary is progressing well too, this week her youngest daughter Monica, who is about 9 months old, got very sick. The ZL's came over and gave her a blessing, Mary's 18 year old son was able to be there and I think it really touched his heart to see two guys his own age helping his sister like Christ would if he were here. We planned to start teaching him this week. I hope its going well. 

On Valentines Day we had dinner with Victoria Oliva and Tania (the investigator who is being baptized in March) and the Spanish sisters. It was a great time and we were able to talk more about mission life which was cool for Tania to see. We had a zone blitz in our area on Saturday night, we found 3 solid families to start teaching. One experience was really cool, we felt like we needed to knock on this one door and so we went up and a man answered. He said him and his family just moved in a month ago and he asked us if it was safe for us to walk at night, we explained that we were missionaries so God protects us but we wouldn't recommend it. Soon enough his wife and two cousins were peeking out the door to see/hear us. They invited us in and we watched the because of him video. We were able to testify of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. We talked about how their family could be together forever through the gospel and then invited them to church. They were very interested and are being taught tomorrow night. 

Something funny now, so on Sunday night both Sister Packer and I had to pack since we were moving out of sister q's home and into an apartment so around 1:00 am we were getting to the odds and ends and we found these two triangles that sister packers sister sent us for christmas... since it was suuuper late and we were mentally at the end of our ropes we proceeded to ring the bells really loudly, acting out different scenarios in which you would even use a triangle "Jimmy, its time for dinner, get over here right now!"  "Jane, you are going to be late to seminary again!" "Bill, the cow jumped the fence, GET HIM, GET HIM!" WE WERE CRACKING UP SOOOOO MUCH!

Sorry I don't have too much more to tell ya, hopefully by next week I will have more miracles to share and updates to give you. However, I love you so much. I will keep each of you in my prayers individually. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My bespectacled darling :)

 The MLC quartet.  Zone leaders and Sister missionary trainers.  :)

Elder Bambo (pronounced  Bomb-bow (like a bow and arrow) goes home this coming monday. :)

Man, what a wonderful week. I love the weeks when you have felt the spirit and know for sure that Heavenly Father is aware of you. It seems like you had one of those this week. 
This week has been one of the best in a long time. We have seen a lot of miracles and had some weird experiences. We had zone conference this week and I learned a lot from that. The theme was standing for truth and righteousness. We were trained on how to get through the hard things in the mission, and why trials are so important in our lives, about how to make finding people to teach personal, the importance of using preach my gospel, and the doctrine of discipline. The thing that I pulled away from everything we talked about is that I can do hard things, I was able to reflect on things that happened before my mission and even during it and it was neat and humbling to see how the Lord helped me through all of it and how He never has and never will leave me alone.
Now, for the miracles I have seen this week. Yesterday we taught Carlos, you have probably heard me talk about him before, he is the son of a less active woman and has had a rough life. We caught him at home at 8:40 last night and we watched the because of him video. I feel like Carlos of one of the people on my mission that I am here for because I can connect with him. I was able to testify to him that because of the Savior we don't have to be defined by our mistakes and that we can repent and have new life in Christ. At the end he asked us if he could practice praying while we were there and he said the most simple and beautiful prayer. We are excited to see him repent and progress. Another miracle and kinda freaky experience. We went to teach Ginger, a 25 year old girl who has also lived a really hard life and has a variety of mental illnesses. When she opened the door it smelled like weed to the enth degree but we felt like we needed to be there so we walked in and sat down on her floor. (we always sit on the floor) The room was dark and I couldn't really see Ginger's face. The lesson started out rocky and we weren't sure what to say or how to address the situation we were in. We ended up just testifying of Christ and as we did so it literally felt like Satan was standing in the room with us trying to shut us up. I said a prayer at the end and I remember saying specifically "By virtue of our callings as missionaries and representatives of Jesus Christ we ask that Satan will not be able to penetrate the walls of this home and the hearts of the people in it." as soon as those words came out of my mouth I felt light in my mind and heart, I am still unsure if it effected Ginger like it effected me but nonetheless, I felt Satan leave. Miracle, this week we taught two people who have accepted to be baptized on February 28th. One is Jeff Hall, who has been bringing his 2 daughters to church for the past 2 years. Most people don't even realize he isn't a member already. The other is Mary, a woman from Sudan that has had a very hard life but loves God and has more faith in him than most Christians do. She is a wonderful lady. We also have the privilege of teaching a priest in the ward who is 17 and is preparing for his mission. We teach him from preach my gospel and help him to make the lessons personal. I put this in the miracle section because I feel like God has given me this opportunity to feel close to Kenyon in a different way. I hope the elders back home are helping him to prepare for his mission by giving him opportunities to learn what they learn and do what they do. I am happy to help Siale in this way. Also, Poppy sent me a letter this week, in response to one I wrote him, and it was very powerful. He bore testimony of the gospel and how much it has blessed his life. I will cherish it forever. I also had a realization in sacrament meeting yesterday, one of the speakers was talking about faith and I was reflecting on how I have grown in faith this transfer and I was thinking about a part in the bible dictionary under faith that I LOVE. It says that one of the fruits of faith is having and assurance of personal salvation in the life to come. For so long I have wondered what that even meant and how on earth I could possibly even figure it out. The next speaker talked about patriarchal blessings and something he said reminded me of a part of my blessing that was an answer to my question on faith. At the end it says "I seal you up so that in the resurrection of the just you may rise and meet your heavenly father and be with him and your family and friends in the celestial kingdom." THAT is an assurance of personal salvation and others according to being faithful. It was a neat experience to have and to understand just how many ways God answers our questions.
Some funny things have happened too, last night sister packer and I were SO tired! Sister Packer looked like she was constantly 5 seconds away from hitting a brick wall and never getting back up. After we were done with our nighly routines she was writing in her journal... kinda... she asked me to do it for her and I said, "Girl, you're nuts, go to bed." and she was laughing and just kept asking me so finally I walked over to her bed, starting putting things on the floor, took her journal and put it away and said "Dude, go to bed!" and started pushing her head in her pillow and pulling the sheets down. The most hysterical "tucking someone in" experience. We were both CRACKING up and I am realizing that this story is only funny if you are suuuuuper tired, or you're a missionary, or you were there... sorry! :P At least there weren't any dog experiences.... oh wait yeah there was one. Last night when we were going to see Carlos there was a dog barking in the fence right next door and to get to Carlos's door you have to walk to the back of the house and go through the garage. So we walk back and its really dark so we open the back fence and as we walk toward the door sister packer hears the dog bark and rushes me through the door clawing at my back because she is so scared... oh boy. Then she realized that the dog was in the fence next door. SHE MAKES ME LAUGH ALL THE TIME. I will be sad to not be her comp next transfer. We are pretty sure we are getting split up... we have too much fun.... JK... not really but its righteous fun!
Anyways, have a great week pops! I love ya sooooo soooo much!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Besties in Aurora :)

*****My computer is being lame, so I will post the pics from this letter to McKenzie's FB page via my phone*****


I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU! I HAVE FELT SO LOST NOT HEARING FROM YA, I know it was completely valid reasons and all. I have just missed ya! WHAT A GREAT LETTER. Miracles, fun times, memories made left and right! I am so happy to know the snowboarding trip was a SUCCESS. I am also glad that the Dover Branch has its goals set toward entering the temple! What a wonderful thing! The winter has set in a little over the last couple days, we got a few inches of snow but today it will be back up in the 60's... SO STRANGE! Apparently February is the worst month of winter so we will see. Sister Packer has one transfer left after this one is over so she has about 8 weeks left in the field. She hasnt freaked out too badly yet but I have a feeling we will get split this coming transfer and I will be really sad to see her go. But I know we will still keep in touch and be friends after the mission. I feel so spoiled to have a bestfriend companion!

So this week was pretty crazy! We went on several exchanges, both of which were hard in different ways but a lot was learned and it made me grateful for the ways I have grown over the last year. At one of the district meetings this week I learned something cool. We were doing a roleplay where the missionary had to teach someone why having faith in Joseph Smith was important. After we roleplayed we analyzed it. Everyone had difficulty teaching that and so we talked about why. It was because we cannot have FAITH in ANYONE unless its Christ, faith unto salvation that is. So the rest of the time we talked and roleplayed about having faith in JESUS CHRIST and why that is important. It was a powerful lesson I learned. Every week we teach an English class to women who are from Afghanistan and speak Persian. Usually we have about 1-3 women there. This week there were 8 people there, including a family of 3. We teach it in the church building and it was cool to be able to teach them how to speak english but we had a woman say that she goes to 3 other english classes and she likes ours the best but she's unsure why. We know its because she is in the church building and we are representatives of Jesus Christ. REALLY COOL. MIRACLE TIME! ARE YOU READY FOR THIS??? BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS! Miracle 1: We had dinner this week with a family who's father isnt a member. He has been taught the lessons and since his wife works on sundays he has faithfully brought his daughters to church for years. He has even been referred to as Brother Hall. The word of wisdom has been his hangup in the past. So we were there for dinner and Brother and Sister Hall had this awkward exchange like a "you tell em, no you tell em" in hushed tones kind of a thing. So finally Brother Hall told us he wanted to be baptized before his birthday which is march 7th. We proceeded to talk about it and he told us his religious background and pretty much bore his testimony to us. He talked to the Bishop last night and we are hoping he will be baptized on February 14th! Miracle 2: last Sunday we got lost while walking to dinner. the gps we were using said we were at our destination but the house number didn't exist. We saw a young man outside rummaging with a toilet... ODD. But we decided to ask him for directions. His name was Sam and we got to talk to him about what we do as missionaries. We invited him to watch the because of him video and gave him our number and got his. Later that night he texted us and said he liked the video, we got to talk with him throughout the week and told him more about what we do as missionaries. We invited him to church and his neighbor, the member we had dinner with that night, picked him up and brought him to church. Right afterward, we taught him more about what was talked about in sacrament meeting (the book of mormon), gave him a book of mormon and will be teaching him again this week in his neighbors home. Miracle 3: Saturday morning we got a call from a woman named Hilary, she left us a voicemail about a friend that she met and invited to church, her name was Mary and she lives in our area so she told us she was coming to our ward the next day with Mary. We arranged to meet them there and Mary has been through a lot in her life. She is from Sudan and while she was there her husband was killed in a bombing, she came to america and her next husband abandoned her with 4 kids. In sacrament meeting Hilary bore her testimony, which was so powerful, she talked about how she was converted and is a convert of 2 years. She said that she hopes we help Mary to feel like she is home because being a member of the church is like having a new family. Afterwards, I went to talk to Mary again. (Back story: Sabor is a convert of 5 years, also from Sudan. Her husband is still in Sudan and she is here with her 3 children alone. Her children were baptized about 6 months ago). I asked Mary if she knew sabor, she said yes, she is from my country. and then just started to cry! She was feeling the spirit and feeling like she found her family. In gospel principles the next hour we talked about the Atonement and how it heals us, Sabor and Mary both talked about their experiences and how the church feels like home. We are teaching Mary tonight, with Hilary and the woman who taught gospel principles (her husband just joined the church 6 months ago) requested to go with us as well. The spirit is working hard here in Aurora, CO. As for funny stories, or lack thereof... no funny dog stories this week but lately Sister Packer has been calling me her four eyed friend and cracking up every time I push up my glasses.... this companionship has been too good to be true. :D

Friday, January 16, 2015

What a treat for this Girl!!

 I really liked your letter. I cried a little when I read about the hope chests. I was just telling sister packer the other day about the hope chest you made me and how it was probably the only possession back home that I will really care about when I come back. The boards are second best but the sentimental value is so much less. So thank you for putting that in your letter. It made my heart happy! I was also excited and enlightened to hear about your graphics class you taught, you are a great example to me. And yes, I really am excited for you all to go on that trip! When do you leave again? I'M STOKED TO SEE ALL THE PICS! :D As much as your week was awesome, here's why mine was awesome: ELDER DAVID A. BEDNAR CAME TO OUR MISSION. He came on Friday to talk to our whole mission and parts of the Colorado Denver South Mission. We have been preparing for a long time by reading talks and preparing spiritually. All the missionaries were there an hour early to study from the scriptures and prepare to be taught by the spirit. When he came into the room EVERYONE stood and didn't sit until he was seated on the stand. He brought with him Elder Martino from the quorum of the 70 and Elder Christianson, also from the 70. They spoke first and then Elder Bednar spoke. There was a silent tension in the room before he spoke because we were unsure of what was going to happen. As soon as he started speaking my soul almost jumped out of me from being so excited and filled with the spirit. I have only ever heard his voice on TV and to recognize it as he spoke to us live was a STRAIGHT UP THRILL. We were all very shocked at how the meeting went, but in a good way. We basically had a 3 hour Q&A with an apostle of the Lord. The spirit was strong and even if you didn't have a chance to ask the question that was in your heart, the spirit answered it. When he first got up he spoke about how they were debating on whether the meeting was going to be really good or really bad but as soon as he walked in he felt a special spirit about us and he said to the other two elders, "I know exactly how this meeting is going to go." He commended us for being prepared to receive the spirit and taught us in that meeting how to teach by that same spirit. I wish I had the words to explain things better but all I can really tell you is that I have gained a true testimony that Heavenly Father has a prophet on the earth today along with 12 apostles that lead and instruct us in His ways. They walk and talk with God himself and with His son, Jesus Christ.
 On Saturday we witnessed another miracle. Sister Packer and I have been working very closely with the zone leaders, Elder Bassett and Elder Rusick in order to help this zone to do its part in seeing the 1001 come to fruition. So, we decided that the whole zone would gather every Saturday and we would blitz in two areas. This Saturday was the first run, we split everyone up so they had different companions and then we broke off into the two different areas. I got to pair up with Sister Bush, one of my favorite missionaries in the world and one who I hope to be companions with one day, and we went to work, first we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to let us see miracles because we were expecting them. We were able to find 2 pretty solid potentials in 40 minutes and then we came back together and from Coal Creek we found 10 potentials with 3 return appointments. We said a prayer of gratitude and thanked Heavenly Father for letting us see miracles. It was so amazing to see the faith of the individual missionaries grow in that short time. We are all really excited to do it again this Saturday and get closer and closer to the goal of 1001! :D Yesterday was a day I will never forget. Elder Bednar attended our sacrament meeting. We have known for about a week and couldn't say a word, THAT WAS SOOOOO HARD. But we opened the program on Sunday and there was only one speaker assigned.... ELDER DAVID A. BEDNAR. Man, it was amazing. He spoke to us about how we need to "look unto the Savior in every thought, doubt not, fear not." and how there was NO way Joseph Smith could have made it all up, and if anyone thought that, it was ludicrous. He gave several reasons why NOW is the greatest season of the restored gospel. One being technology and family history work. He promised us that if we looked unto the Savior, doubted not, feared not, then we would be able to replace our fear with faith and that as we did our family history, we wouldn't ever feel alone. It was so powerful and we were so happy; Ruth and Bill were there, a recent convert and an investigator. We explained to them that it was like being taught by a modern day Peter, James, or John. This week has just been amazing, sorry if this email is really scattered and doesn't make sense, there has just been a lot of thoughts going through my head and so much spirit that my mind and body are exhausted! Anyways, I love you so much. I hope you have a GREAT time this week and STAY SAFE! xoxo <3 SISTER HOOPES