Wednesday, February 18, 2015

East Lake, Look who's back?????

Hoopes & Packer....thanks for the memories!
This Elder and Kenz both have cows back home so they were doing their best cow faces....apparently this elder needs a lesson in creative cow faces......pretty sure Kenz has hers nailed :)

Dont know who this elderly gentleman is, but I included this pic because he looked so.............grandfatherly.  lol

Poppa Bear, 

SO... ready for the news about transfers? I have been transferred to Brighton to be companions with Sister Swarbrick as STL's still. We cover the Brighton and Denver North Zones.... ya know what that means? I am covering EastLake again! Ya know how stoked I am?!?!? SUUUUUPER! :D I miss Sister Packer like a crazy person but I know this transfer will bring many miracles. I will be killing Sister Swarbrick so I am a tad nervous about that just from my last experience killing a missionary. But it will be different this time, I am counting on it. Hahaha! We work with Elder Ard (who is from Idaho and knows Tanner Gannaway) and Elder Hodson (ZL's in Brighton, we share a ward with them) and Elder Haulka and Elder Hawton (Denver North ZL's) all of them are wonderful and all have something different to offer the zone. We also have stellar district leaders here to work with. I know almost all of the sisters we serve and I am excited to get to know them and serve them more. I have already felt the joy that comes from a fresh start and being able to change what you want to in a new environment. A lot of changes have occurred in the mission. By next transfer the mission will be down to 160 missionaries compared to the 250 we had last year. ITS INSANE. Elder Law, one of my favorite people ever, is the new AP. I am anticipating being in this area for a while, at least the next two transfers and I am excited. 

Its hard to remember everything that happened last week just because when transfers happen it feels like it takes about a months worth of memory space but from what I do remember we had some cool and fun things happen. 
Jeff Hall is still progressing wonderfully. I hope to be able to attend his baptism on February 28th even though I have been transferred. Mary is progressing well too, this week her youngest daughter Monica, who is about 9 months old, got very sick. The ZL's came over and gave her a blessing, Mary's 18 year old son was able to be there and I think it really touched his heart to see two guys his own age helping his sister like Christ would if he were here. We planned to start teaching him this week. I hope its going well. 

On Valentines Day we had dinner with Victoria Oliva and Tania (the investigator who is being baptized in March) and the Spanish sisters. It was a great time and we were able to talk more about mission life which was cool for Tania to see. We had a zone blitz in our area on Saturday night, we found 3 solid families to start teaching. One experience was really cool, we felt like we needed to knock on this one door and so we went up and a man answered. He said him and his family just moved in a month ago and he asked us if it was safe for us to walk at night, we explained that we were missionaries so God protects us but we wouldn't recommend it. Soon enough his wife and two cousins were peeking out the door to see/hear us. They invited us in and we watched the because of him video. We were able to testify of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. We talked about how their family could be together forever through the gospel and then invited them to church. They were very interested and are being taught tomorrow night. 

Something funny now, so on Sunday night both Sister Packer and I had to pack since we were moving out of sister q's home and into an apartment so around 1:00 am we were getting to the odds and ends and we found these two triangles that sister packers sister sent us for christmas... since it was suuuper late and we were mentally at the end of our ropes we proceeded to ring the bells really loudly, acting out different scenarios in which you would even use a triangle "Jimmy, its time for dinner, get over here right now!"  "Jane, you are going to be late to seminary again!" "Bill, the cow jumped the fence, GET HIM, GET HIM!" WE WERE CRACKING UP SOOOOO MUCH!

Sorry I don't have too much more to tell ya, hopefully by next week I will have more miracles to share and updates to give you. However, I love you so much. I will keep each of you in my prayers individually. 

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