Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo and Missionary Monday!

Before the Baptism
After the Baptism

Great Pic of the "sisters" :)

Cute Letter From Candice

Kenz Extreme Close up :) taken by Carissa's daughter

The "Zone"

So this week was pretty awesome! I feel like it was the most hardworking week of my mission, nothing CRAZY awesome happened but physically and spiritually I feel pretty worn out. Monday we contacted referrals and it was pretty cold out that day so we knocked on this door and the sweetest hispanic man answered the door and his wife was there too. They said they were devout Catholics and weren't interested but we asked if we could pray with them and they let us. We all held hands, they insisted, and prayed together. When we were going to leave the man handed us 20 dollars and said "It's cold. Go get coffee to warm up." We said we couldn't accept his money but he shoved it into sister Grenfell's hand and insisted we take it. It was really neat to see that even though not all of us have the same beliefs there are still many people who believe in Christ and in our Heavenly Father. Oh and P.S. We didn't get coffee of course... We actually still haven't even thought of anything to use it for :P Another cool contacting story... We went to contact the Pitts neighbor and they let us in and we talked for quite some time and they actually invited us over for dinner with the Pitts this Friday! It'll be WAY cool! 

     Okay and crowning event of this week! Carissa and Ryan were confirmed yesterday! They had to wait a week because it was stake conference last week! So church started and carissa and Ryan still weren't there... WE GOT SO SCARED! We thought it was going to be another MIA incident so we went outside and walked around the whole church building looking for her car.... NOTHING! AHHHHHHHH so scary, we called, NOTHING. Luckily, she did show up! We hurried into the chapel and she was confirmed along with Ryan. A member of the ward confirmed Carissa and one of the Thornton ward Elders confirmed Ryan. The blessings were really neat and I was just beaming with HAPPINESS! Afterward we sat with her and she said "I felt it. I really felt it." SO COOL, but it gets better. To give you a little background, Carissa NEVER cries. We have only seen her cry one time and it was because she didn't think she's get the kids on Easter. And she always used to say "I don't know why people cry so much in this religion... Is a requirement to cry in this church?" Haha in true Carissa form! Anyways, so we are sitting in fast and testimony meeting and people are bearing their testimonies and we hear Carissa crying! We ask if she's okay and this is exactly what she says "I get it now, I understand why everyone cries. I just feel so happy that I am keeping my covenants and that I get the blessings from it." TALK ABOUT GETTING IT!! OH MY HECK IT WAS SO COOOOOOOL! AHHHHH! Man, all I can say is that its all worth it, all the tears that were shed at her non-baptism, all the manual labor that went into moving her into her new apartment, all the heart felt prayers that went into helping us know how to help her, just everything was so worth it! I am so happy and privileged to be a missionary for the Lord! In every journal entry I write without fail at the end, "I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY" and even on the hard days, the tired days and the AWESOME days, its never any less true. Of course I miss you and think about you often, but this is an opportunity of a lifetime and I'm so thankful every day for the example you've set for me and for all the love and support I feel from you! I love you so much Dad! :) 

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