Monday, February 17, 2014

Missionary Work, I'm lovin' it!

Hey Fam!

So this week was another crazy one, we had a ton of meetings! but P-day was really cool! We do "zone P-day" once every transfer, and this transfer we played volleyball, hunger games dodgeball and got to eat panda express. PRETTY AWESOME! Its just so cool to see all these missionaries as normal people that actually did things besides missionary work before they got here. But in a different sense it was nice to feel like we were all there having fun, but at the end of the day, focused on the same purpose. I just really felt complete like i knew there was no place else I rather be and that God would have me be than right here, right now. just a cool feeling. Wednesday was our first Zone Conference! SO AWESOME! Sister Toombs talked about the rules a little bit but a couple things she said that I really liked were: "we don't aspire to callings, we aspire to be the best person we can be." "From the beginning of time, your spirit has been prepared to come forth to do this work." and of course she always says, "Have i told you lately that I love you? Well, I really do." Then we got to be taught by President. The whole theme of the conference was about God, knowing who he is, his nature, his attributes, and how we can have a relationship with him. We talked about the fact that if you know God, all the other principles of the gospel make sense. President said "if someone isn't progressing, go back to the beginning. and if you start right, you'll end right." I love President Toombs, he's the But the thing that really struck me the most from conference was a quote by Ezra Taft Benson. "Nothing will startle us more when we pass through the veil than how much we know our Father, and how familiar his face is to us." I LOVE THAT! Just because sometimes Heavenly Father feels so far, but in reality he's as close as we let him come. When I feel him the most is when I'm begin as obedient as I can be. Sister Toombs says that "if you're 90% obedient you get less than half the blessings, as you sacrifice that last 10% you receive more than half. Thats a cool concept! Sister G. and i are working on that this week. We've set some pretty high goals for ourselves and we are really going to try to reach them. We have a new investigator this week, her name is Lynne. She's an elderly lady and she's awesome! She's a friend of a lady in our ward and has already been to church once and we have a return appointment with her this week. I'll let you know how that goes. unfortunately, mckayla doesn't want to meet with us anymore.. But we have hope that sometime down the line she'll find that the gospel can really change her life. We got to teach a scripture study class this week, that was legit! I love that no matter where in the Book of Mormon you read, you always find the answers you're looking for! sister G. and i had a great valentines day together! We went to a training meeting for all the new missionaries and their trainers. It was awesome to see my MTC peeps and hear all about how the work is going for them! We had a couple appointments and then we took each other to dinner :P IT WAS AWESOME HAHAH. Sister G's baptism was great! Sister Higby and her husband already have a date that they are working towards for when they go to the temple to get sealed! She was so happy! Sunday I got to give a talk in sacrament meeting and it was probably the first time ever that i barely looked at notes or actually felt semi-comfortable speaking! MISSIONS CHANGE LIVES! Sister G and i ended up teaching 21 lessons this week, which for us is still pretty high. It was a really productive week and we are hoping that after tonight we will have 4 new people set with a baptismal date. Pray for us! I am attaching pictures this week so I hope they work!!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! IM WRITTING LETTERS TODAY SO YA'LL WILL GET ONE! I HOPE ALL IS WELL BACK HOME! IVE FELT SO MUCH LOVE AND SUPPORT FROM YOU GUYS AND I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THAT! 
Sister Hoopes and her awesome companion

First night of tracting last week :)

large dictionary from an old folks home :)  Guess she was impressed by it's shear size

Go Broncos!  (luckily Kenz didn't have to watch the major defeat)

<3/ Sister Hoopes


  1. Cami, this is almost as fun as reading my own kids' mission letters- thanks for sharing! She is so fun- and perfect for the job! =)

  2. How sweet this is! Are you just pinching yourself right now?

  3. What a cool cat :) I love the pictures! I have no idea where she gets that "spaz" factor. It's a mystery ;)