Monday, November 4, 2013

Trials of our Faith

I think its a fact that right before the Lord is about to bless you, your faith is tried and the adversary will do his best to pull you down and hope that you become unworthy of the blessings. I've learned lately that its necessary to stumble and sometimes question your faith in order for you to learn of the truth, feel gods love, and gain a stronger testimony. Ever since I received my mission call there have been temptations and things that have come up that have made me wonder if a mission was the right choice. Its been hard to look at the eternal perspective of my decision and to understand what a blessing this will be. I've learned that even when you make great choices, even those have consequences. In order to serve, sacrifices have to be made like postponing schooling, leaving behind your family or people whom you care about. But those are the trials of faith before the Lord can bless his children. I know the Lord has a bigger plan for me than i have for myself, even when it might be hard to follow, i know he's molding me into the person i should be. I know when we give our lives to the Lord he is capable of filling them with so much more joy, happiness, and love than we ever could on our own. I know that sometimes we might have to walk in the darkness for a small time before we reach the light, in otherwords we may not see what the Lord has in store for us until we've shown him we will obey. I know the Lord lives and loves me. The Lord loves all of his children and when we follow him and obey his council we can feel that love.

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