Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The thing that never changes is that there is change........

Longboarding fun. 

Some Random adorable boys :)
Some more random adorable kids :) :)

The Lopez Family?? (I'll have to ask her)

I'm really not even sure how to start this letter. I am so happy all is well at home. SO MANY ADVENTURES! That's so great. I can't wait to hear more about the branch. Sounds like Trek went swimmingly! I loved all the pictures mom sent! Good for the Berg's, true pioneers right there! :) 

East Lake has become my home, its true that home is where the people you love are. I love the people here. I love the members, the non-members, the less active members, I just love everyone here. This week has been really good. On Monday Sister Reynolds and I got to go longbaording, NO CASUALTIES! We had a blast! We also got to see Elder Matheson (my first zone leader), who is now brother matheson. He came back to baptize someone he taught here. We saw him at the library and we all got to talking and ended up walking to get taco bell. He gave us great mission advice and just talked about how much he loved his mission and all the things he learned. It was really neat. He gave us great advice on how to work better with members. He said that people will want to do missionary work when they are taught the gospel by the spirit. So he showed us a great section in PMG right after the How to Begin Teaching section. It gives a great outline as to how to teach active members the gospel and how to make it powerful. You do the 6 steps in 10 minutes so you practically go in, bring the spirit,teach testify and leave. So we tried it and it really does work! COOOOOOL COOL COOOL!

 On Thursday we went on a blitz with the Thornton missionaries in their area to find more people for them to teach, sister reynolds and I found a couple. It was really cool to help out in another area! On Saturday we got a call from Sister Brown (Jimmy's wife), she was really upset. She and her son had gotten into a really big argument about the church and she had to make him leave. She had kind of hit rock bottom and had called to find someone who could give her and Jimmy a blessing of comfort. Within 5 minutes of getting her call we were able to find 3 priesthood holders that could do it. IT WAS AMAZING. As we were driving over there sister reynolds and I were talking about the fact that we may be the only church that can reach out that powerfully and that fast to members and nonmembers alike. It was a powerful experience. Jimmy and Carol both received a blessing and the spirit was so strong. Anyone who meets Jimmy and Carol are changed completely. It's amazing the things  that happen. Being able to be involved in Jimmy's life has changed me as well, he is truly inspirational! He embodies the truth that its never too late to change and know the Savior more. 

Another cool thing that happened this week was on Friday, we were driving over to the Lopez's.... oh yeah we got our car back by the way, its a corolla that we named Jimmy Jerry McJones (JJ for short). That's a whole different story.... So we were driving and we see this lady walking down the street, we drove past her and the spirit quite forcefully told me to turn the car around, so I did. I asked sister reynolds to roll down the window and ask the lady if she was lost. She in fact was very lost! She was trying to get somewhere that took 15 minutes in a car. She had been walking all day and was getting really discouraged and tired. We parked the car and told her we knew someone who could give her a ride. I called sister Lopez as sister Reynolds told her about the restoration and the book of mormon! Sister Lopez picked us up and we took Diane to her destination! We got her number and gave her the number of the elders in her area. It was so cool to be able to help Diane and sister reynolds and i were both thankful we listened to the spirit. 

On Saturday we had transfer doctrine. Most everyone thought that nothing would really change, BOY WERE WE WRONG. Over half of our district was transferred. They shut down an area in our district and opened several others. I have been transferred to the Northridge YSA BRANCH!!!! I will cover the Denver North and Brighton Stakes and I am also in a tripanionship with Sister Claros (been out for 4 months) and Hermana Durphee (been out a year and four months). ITS INSANE! I have doubled the number of companions I've had on the mission in ONE transfer. It's also strange being transferred. We will live in an apartment now, most times we don't have dinner appointments, our apartment has bed bugs apparently and I will go to FHE and Institute... Since I didn't even do that at home I'm really not too sure what to expect! I am excited for the change, nervous and a little saddened to leave East Lake but now I can influence a different group of people. I still want to baptize, even though YSA's have a reputation to focus only on retention. I know miracles will continue to happen no matter where my Heavenly Father wants me as long as I'm obedient and listen to the spirit. I love you a lot dad! Thanks for inspiring me to accept and love change.  I believe my Heavenly Father is giving me this to help me feel closer to home and to you all. I know he loves us both so much! YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME DAD! I LOVE YOU! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! 

<3/ Sister Hoopes

****I received another email from Sister Hoopes later in the day in which she told me that she had just received a phone call from her AP's.  They told her that due to an unforeseen change, she was now going to be transferred to the Brawlins Ward in the West Minster Stake instead.  More details to come next week. :)*****


  1. The random adorable boys are the Jones Family and the last picture is the Olson Family. Both awesome families who loved Sister Hoopes. Almost as much as I do ;) We miss your daughter!

  2. Whoa! Just read through the addition and I'm shocked that she's in Westminster! It's not that far from us, just a city over. Wow.