Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wow, This mama was so happy to hear this!!!! Happy Missionary Tuesday!!

Hello! I'm Sister Pitts from the Eastlake ward in Thornton, CO. I had the missionaries over for dinner last night. My son and husband were at tutoring, so it was just me. I was running behind and had a huge handicap because my kitchen is under construction, thus EVERYTHING is packed :)

However, I was determined to cheer our missionaries up. It's been a hard few weeks in our area, and I think we were all a little down. We have an Open House planned for this coming Saturday and I think Satan is really trying to get us down. My friend, who was supposed to have them for dinner last night, had lost a grandchild to a drowning accident. We'd had a baptism not happen, I'm sure you heard about that in yesterday's email. Missionary work has been hard here lately.

So I figured I had a bowl and a griddle unpacked, so we could have pancakes with whipped toppjng and sprinkles. That cheers everyone up! Without countertops, that proved interesting. Without a pancake spatula it was even more interesting. Lots of melted forks, lots of pancake batter on the floor, lots of laughter, and silliness too. 

It was a delightful evening and I just wanted to share how much we enjoy your daughter. She was so helpful last night, preparing the dinner, wiping up spills, and cleaning up afterwards. 

The Sisters worked hard to learn a song for the baptism, they came over a lot to practice in their spare moments, it was a treat for me to have one on each side of me as I played the piano to help them learn. They have beautiful voices and I hear from SO many members how much they love hearing the Sisters sing when they have appointments with them. Sister Hoopes is a wonderful example of the Savior and we love having her in our ward and in our home. 

An update on the baptism, while we were eating dinner, the sister that was supposed to be baptized ended up texting the Sisters. She was just getting out of jail. She'd been arrested for dumping lemonade on her ex husband's girlfriend (her ex best friend) this past weekend. Not at all what any of us had been expecting! It created quite the laughter and luckily, she won't be charged with a felony, so we can still have a baptism. I was tasked with letting all the families know, since they thought you'd love the outcome.

So the evening was just as I'd hoped, but not as I'd planned. My lack of kitchen made for lots of laughs and the jail release made for some relieved sighs and more laughter. Thanks for raising such an awesome daughter!

emily pitts

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